Links to resources

Our platform BittsAnalytics has set up a website for tracking status of our dashboard and our API endpoints at There are several good documentation tools for producing API documentation. We previously used However, for the latest iteration we selected Slate, available at If you are interested in machine learning topics, you may […]

A few words on ensembling methods

Have you ever wondered how some people get much better results while training their models than others? Especially in cases when different people use the same dataset and code. The answer is Ensembling methods and models – bagging, boosting and stacking to improve results of deep learning and machine learning. There are countless papers explaining […]

Bitcoin sentiment analysis

Crypto markets are much more susceptible to the hype and mood of investors than e.g. stock markets. Latter is a different market as the companies value is defined by discounted cash flow valuation and is largely dependent on some observable – financial statements. Most of the time spent by financial analysis is thus on analysing […]