AI Model Development and Deployment

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Our team can develop, test and deploy AI models for your custom needs. We work with you to create the most appropriate data collection methods for generating training data sets and producing a final production ready ML solution customized to your needs and requirements.

We develop and deploy AI models on multiple platforms, including mobile devices and the cloud. We train our AI models on leading data sets to deliver high performing solutions.

These data sets include social media, online purchases, email marketing campaigns, and more. Some of our training sets are as large as 1TB — several orders of magnitude larger than it would be possible to gather or curate in a traditional approach.

On several projects, we have devised innovative, automated ways for collecting data for training data sets, that enabled us achieve high accuracies, with only fraction of costs of some more standard approaches to curated labelling, such as using Mechanical Turk services.

Our solutions are built by experts in disciplines like machine learning, deep learning, and predictive analytics.

With us, you can uncover new opportunities to anticipate customer needs, optimize business processes and services, ensure security, and more.

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