Unlocking your business value through machine learning consulting

Developing custom machine learning models, full (Saas) platforms from ideation to deployment, generating insights from your Big Data, helping you develop your PoC products, and much more.
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Machine learning consulting

We offer comprehensive consulting services to help organizations transition to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and services. Our machine learning consulting can help you extract insights from large, noisy, data and build intelligent applications that anticipate their customers’ needs.

We help clients with problem formulation/project ideation, during which we consider the objectives, business processes and data involved/required in the problem. From there our team plans out the data required, training and testing of the ML models, maintains ML model performance over time, and helps select the right ML model architecture. Our team also recommends related technologies that can improve results even further from initial baseline objectives.

  • Highly experienced AI team
  • Proven track record - 20+ developed and deployed AI driven platforms
  • Complete lifecycle development
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Machine Learning Models

We have built over 100+ different machine learning models, in different fields, ranging from computer vision to natural language processing tasks.

  • Website categorization and product categorization ML models for Saas platform.

  • Car damage detection application - see PoC demo here.

  • AI solution for detecting cars in satellite images, as part of stocks analytics plaform.

  • Content based recommender of stores for E-Commerce platform, using word embeddings.

  • Collaborative filtering model for travel advisory platform that provides personalized recommendations of hotels, restaurants and other locations, based on users history/preferences.

  • ML model for prediction of authenticity of social media users, for influencer marketing analytics platform.

  • Development of complex ML model for highly accurate estimation of Earned media value (EMV)for social media posts.

  • Implementation of GPT-3 based pipeline for generation of texts for a Saas platform, including innovative and highly accurate fact checking module.

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AI model development and deployment

Our team can develop, test and deploy AI models for your custom needs. We work with you to create the most appropriate data collection methods for generating training data sets and producing a final production ready ML solution customized to your needs and requirements.

We develop and deploy AI models on multiple platforms, including mobile devices and the cloud. We train our AI models on leading data sets to deliver high performing solutions. These data sets include social media, online purchases, email marketing campaigns, and more. Some of our training sets are as large as 1TB — several orders of magnitude larger than it would be possible to gather or curate in a traditional approach.

On several projects, we have devised innovative, automated ways for collecting data for training data sets, that enabled us achieve high accuracies, with only fraction of costs of some more standard approaches to curated labelling, such as using Mechanical Turk services.

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Big Data Consulting

The success of your data science project primarily depends on the quality and amount of data it uses. This is because the accuracy of ML models is mainly correlated with the amount of data and with how well it was labelled (in case of supervised machine learning models). We work with you to identify the right tools and then collect, clean, integrate and prepare relevant data sets to feed directly into your machine learning model(s).

Our services include the following steps: preparing the data, pre-processing and standardization, development of model, and implementation of the final algorithm into a production environment. We help organizations to collect their data from various internal and external sources, both with internal scripts and using ETL platforms.

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Helping you build an AI driven PoC

PoC For Machine Learning or AI

Do you have a product, app or a service you want to develop, test and improve upon before bringing it to market? With our PoC for Machine Learning or AI service, we'll help you develop a proven, viable business model for exploitation and help you run a beta with a small set of pre-selected clients.

With your input, we'll also design and implement some key algorithms as a first step in proving the viability of your initial solution. This can drive a pivot on your initial idea or be the foundation for the next stage of development of PoC. We can manage the entire process from ideation to development of your project to create a prototype that will accelerate the production of your final solution. Or we can help you with specific tasks in this development process.

We have successfully built and scaled a variety of machine learning products from PoC to deployed solutions that attracted thousands of paying customers.

What you'll get:
  • Experienced AI Team
  • 50+ PoC built over the years
  • From Ideation to Deployment

Specialization for development of Saas platforms using Machine Learning/AI

Building a Saas platform is a big task. We understand the challenge you are/will go through and we can help you on different steps of this process. We have taken up this challenge multiple times and got successful in meeting our client's needs by building complex data models at scale, deployed in various Saas platforms.

One of our specializations is building AI driven intelligent Saas platforms and applications based on multiple technologies. We have built many platforms over the years, for classifying merchandise on online stores into ecommerce classes, product tagging, best keywords research and others. You can check out some of the Saas platforms that we fully developed, from ideation to launch, on the right side.

Website Categorization API

Leading Website and Product Categorization solution, supporting both E-Commerce and IAB taxonomies.

Stocks and Crypto Sentiment Analytics

Popular platform for social media sentiment analytics and technical analysis data for cryptocurrencies and stocks.

Online Stores Analytics

Saas analytics platform, covering 1+ million online stores, with statistics on growth, number of products, social media usage, SEO difficulty, tech stack usage and others.

Trending products

Saas platform for researching trending products (740,000), with detailed categorizations in 1000+ categories for easier searching and filtering.